Welcome, here it is all about building big ideas into something bigger and lasting.

Bringing it all together

What I do.

I offer start-up and small to medium businesses affordable graphic & web designs.  I have more than 6 years of experience in design, helping me to meet your needs.


Please find below, a collection of projects that I have been involved in.

hair & beauty - wholesale company

Kingdom Beauty

Publication / Print / Flyer / Catalog / Events / Web Design / Social Marketing


I have been working with Kingdom Beauty for 5 years. In this time I have worked as the Marketing Manager working on an array of Design & Marketing projects.

Jobs included:
• 62-Page Bi-monthly flyer
• Event Flyers, Tickets & Leaflets
• Web Banners
• Email Templates
• Instagram Marketing

Graphic Design

Using type and imagery I create clear, engaging designs for print and online marketing.

a playtesting journal

Fail Faster

Publication / Print / Icon Design

A project for a client creating a Journal to help those wanting to create their own board game. I was asked to take their rough idea and to freshen it up with my professional touch before it would be set up as a Kickstarter. 

Jobs included:
• Re-Designing prototype 
• Back & Forth Discussions
• Icon Design

Social Media Design

Social media advertising has increasingly become more effective in advertising a company, product or service.

Design Projects

Other Projects

Logo Design / Print / Social Media
Events / Classes / Stationary

Below are a collection of projects I have been involved in from across a spectrum. This has either been with Kingdom or from my freelance jobs.


Here are four key reason for why picking Honeycomb Graphics can benefit you and your mission.


It is a powerful commodity. A commodity I hold in high esteem. That is why you can trust me to be open and honest with you. Trust me to always be inquisitive and ask questions so I can ensure you that I am getting what my client needs.


Whether I am designing a new brand or working within an existing one, I always think about the bigger picture. I am as passionate about the design work as the client is about the business. I think big yet care about the small detail.


When a customer encounters your brand a first impression is made. The best impressions exude boldness, confidence and originality. You will soon realize that I am not just helping design your brand, I am helping build your company's personality so you will be remembered.


I know the importance of gaining the respect and confidence that a client deserves. Many of my clients have turned to me after experiencing a poor service elsewhere and then stay with us because they value having someone who is on their side.


Located in Vancouver, British Columbia,
E: contact@honeycombgraphics.ca


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